zip-flyer in Pokhra


Nepal to begin world’s longest zip-flyer in , the tourist town .


Nepal to begin world’s longest zip-flyer in , the tourist town of Pokhara. The partnership is in joint investment scheme. According to the investors, it would be the world’s longest adventurous zip-flyer and it will help to improve adventurous tourism in Nepal. The promoter plans to start this zip-flyer from Sarankoj (5032 ft from the sea level) to Hemja plain (3000 ft from the sea level) and is 1860 meters long. “This project is very new in context to Nepal”, said the promoters.

The zip-flyer will run at the speed of 140 kilo meter per hour and two people can make a ride at once in two trolleys sitting side by side suspended by the cable in the middle. After the construction of two years it came to operation in June and already more than 500 thrill lovers have slid from the top. During the official inaugural, the director of main promoting company, High ground adventure, Mr. Abhinab churiwal said, “The introduction of world’s longest adventurous zip-flyers will add a new chapter in tourism business in Nepal.” He also added that, they are planning to lure more tourists to visit Nepal with the new service; i.e. the flying zip. The flyers can see the Himalayan range and the two highest mountains in the world, Machhapuchhre and Annapurna. The cost of zip-flyers for domestic tourist is Rs. 3890 while the cost for foreign tourist is Rs. 5890. Flyers must be more that 14 years old to enjoy this adventurous ride.

Video zip-flyer Pokhara Nepal

The zip flyer is the great start for promoting tourism in Nepal. It will surely help to attract adventurous tourism from all over the world. The view that will be seen in the ride is really amazing. Riding the trolley at the speed of 140 kilo meter per hour is not a kid’s game. If you are heart patient then you are not suggested to try this ride and rest of us must try this amazing ride if you reach Pokhara