Merak and Sakten

Bhutan 7N/8D

Merak and Sakten(now finally opens after 3 decades!)


Merak and Sakten trek takes you to one of the highest nomadic villages Bhutan trekking has to offer.Merak and Sakten Bhutan trek will take you to eastern Bhutan and one of the remotest part of the country. Merak and Sakten was closed for last three decades and has opened up recently to the outside world. Both these villages belong to Bhutanese nomadic tribes of naazips; who live their lives herding yaks, sheep and horses.

Day 01: (1 Oct, Saturday) Arrive Paro

(1 Oct, Saturday) Arrive Paro

Day 02: (2 Oct, Sunday) Hike to Tiger's Nest

(2 Oct, Sunday) Hike to Tiger's Nest

Day 03: (3 Oct, Monday) Take domestic flight to Yonphula

Next leg on your Bhutan travel is Thimpu. After breakfast of continental and choicest of Bhutanese local dishes, you will be taken to Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. First stop; Kings Memorial you would be taken to the Kings Memorial built in the memory of the third Dragon King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who ruled the country for three decades from 1952-1972 and was grandfather to the present King of Bhutan. Thimpu Dzong: Thimpu Dzong built in 1216 is not the original fortress because it had to be rebuilt many a times, as it has been destroyed in fire and other unfortunate accidents on many occasions. Thimpu Dzong is also known as Traschicho or Trasi Chhoe Dzong, ‘fortress of glorious religion’. It is north of the city on the west bank of Wangchu(Thimpu) river. Traditional handmade paper making factory: here one can see the subtle art of paper making by hand, which has been passed from one generation to other over centuries. National institute for Traditional Medicine: Here a variety of medicine of traditional secret formula origin are available for public and tourist alike and one can purchase traditional medicine for ailment or beauty treatments here. You will have picnic lunch at one of many spots in the city. In the evening you can go about the local market of Thimpu and experience life in Bhutan first hand, also last minute shopping for any knick knacks you might want for your trek staring tomorrow.. Dinner and overnight stay in a hotel in Thimpu.

Day 04:(4 Oct, Tuesday) Rangjung - Phongmey

(4 Oct, Tuesday) Rangjung - Phongmey - Joenkhar (Trek starts at Phongmey)

Day 05: (5 Oct, Wednesday) Joenkhar – Sakten Village

(5 Oct, Wednesday) Joenkhar – Sakten Village

Day 06: (6 Oct, Thursday) Sakten Village halt

(6 Oct, Thursday) Sakten Village halt

Day 7: (7 Oct, Friday) Sakten – Rinagpo

(7 Oct, Friday) Sakten – Rinagpo

Day 8:(8 Oct, Saturday) Rinagpo – Merak

(8 Oct, Saturday) Rinagpo – Merak

Day 9:(9 Oct, Sunday) Merak – Damgyenjung

(9 Oct, Sunday) Merak – Damgyenjung

Day 10:(10 Oct, Monday) Damgyenjung - Radhi-Trashigang (Trek Ends)

(10 Oct, Monday) Damgyenjung - Radhi-Trashigang (Trek Ends)

Day 11: (11 Oct, Tuesday) Trashigang – Mongar

(11 Oct, Tuesday) Trashigang – Mongar

Day 12:(12 Oct, Wednesday) Mongar – Bumthang

(12 Oct, Wednesday) Mongar – Bumthang

Day 13:(13 Oct, Thursday) Bumthang

(13 Oct, Thursday) Bumthang

Day 14:(14 Oct, Friday) Bumthang - Punakha

(14 Oct, Friday) Bumthang - Punakha

Day 15:(15 Oct, Saturday) Punakha – Thimphu

(15 Oct, Saturday) Punakha – Thimphu

Day 16:- (16 Oct, Sunday) Thimphu

(16 Oct, Sunday) Thimphu

Day 17:- (17 Oct, Monday Thimphu - Paro departure

(17 Oct, Monday Thimphu - Paro departure

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